10 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

I recently began a workout routine to get myself in better shape. With the warm weather already upon us, I am in no way ready for the beach. The truth is that I really slacked off during the holidays and winter months. Now I am paying the price as I have a few extra pounds that I want to lose.

Getting back into a workout routine has been tough. I come up with every possible reason why I can’t work out that day. It can be really hard to get motivated to workout. As A mom I am truly tired most days. I have been cleaning up and running around with the kids all day that the last thing I am thinking about is exercising.

Because mind over matter doesn’t always work, I have some unconventional ways of getting myself motivated to exercise. I usually mix it up and try different things depending on my mood. Chances are that one of these things will get me up off the couch.

1. Put On Workout Clothes

For some reason putting on yoga pants and a sports bra makes me want to work out. I don’t know if it’s because it’s super comfortable or because it makes me feel fit, but whatever the case may be it works! I have noticed that if I am wearing jeans or something uncomfortable I have not desire to exercise. As soon as I put on my leggings its game on!

2. Stand In Front Of The Mirror

Seriously! Getting dressed in front of the mirror can be a scary thought! When you are standing in front of the mirror you see yourself from another angle. You will notice the areas that need improvement. I know that I am reminded of what I want to achieve with my workout.

3. Read A Fitness Magazine

I love to look at fitness magazines or fitness blogs to be inspired. I like to find new exercises or workout routines that I want to try out. Not to mention the fabulous shape that all of these fitness models are in can be motivational. Reading all about fitness makes me want to be fit!

4. Listen To Dance Music

It’s called dance music for a reason because it makes you want to start moving! Dance music always gets me in the mood to work out. Put on your favorite upbeat songs before and during your workout routine.

5. Go For A Walk

Go for a walk around your neighborhood or park and magically you will have a boost of energy. Walking gets your heart rate up and the fresh air will motivate you to work out. Some days I will make my workout all about walking. I like to walk briskly a few times around my community. It can be a great workout and less intense than other exercise routines.

6. Drink A Cup Of Coffee

I hate to admit it, but I need to drink a cup of coffee everyday before I workout. If I am feeling sleepy there really is no way I am planning on working out. I have to have a cup of coffee to get energized to exercise. Of course it is always very important to drink plenty of water during and after exercise in addition to coffee.

7. Watch A Workout Video

Sometimes just by putting on a work out video will inspire me to start exercising. Once you see what great shape the instructors are in you will want to try some of the exercises yourself. It’s pretty impossible to sit there eating a bag of chips while the people on your screen are getting in shape!

8. Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Before you begin a work out routine set a realistic goal for yourself. Weather its to lose 10 pounds or to fit in those skinny jeans again, write it down. If you are focused on that goal you will be motivated in reaching that goal. Remind yourself daily of what you want to achieve and keep track of your progress. When we see results we are motivated to keep going.

9. Stretch

Stretching is important before doing any kind of exercise, but can also put you in the mood to workout. I found that stretching works great on the days that I am feeling tired or stiff. Doing some really great stretches will loosen you up and make you feel ready for exercise.

10. Go Swimsuit Shopping

I recently went swimsuit shopping and it was kind of a wake up call. The swimsuits that I saw online looked nothing like they were supposed to on me. Instead of becoming depressed and going home to eating some chocolate I turned my experience into motivation. I want to one day feel good about trying on swimsuits and be happy about my body.

Good luck!

I hope you will find what works for you and how you can motivate yourself to workout. Finding the motivation can be challenging at first, but once you get into a workout routine it will become easier as time goes on. Try to always stay positive and keep your goal in mind. What are your favorite ways to motivate yourself to workout?

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