6 Ways To Be Silly With Your Kids

Day to day life can be stressful with managing work, the kids, household chores and paying bills. If you are a busy parent then you know that we could all use a break every now from being an adult. We forget to stop and take a few minutes to play with our kids because lets face it there are a million other things that need to be done! A great way to take a break from everything else is to do silly activities with our kids.

I am definitely guilty of being a little too serious at times. I get stuck in the parenting role and forget that its ok to laugh and be silly. When I do finally take a breather it feels amazing! I really do love having fun with my kids and showing them that it’s ok to be silly sometimes. What kid wouldn’t love to do silly games with their parents?

I am sharing with you some really fun activities that you can do with your kids to be silly. These are all things that I have done with my kids to let loose. The best thing is that you can get the whole family involved! It feels so good to cut loose and act like a total dork sometimes. Kids are so amazing at not judging you. Take a little time to have some fun!

1. Have a Dance Party!

Have a dance party with your kids. I love to put on some fun music and dance with my kids. The goal is to dance in the silliest way possible. We turn it into a contest as to who can come up with the craziest dance moves. It’s a lot of fun and really gets everyone moving!

2. Play Hide and Seek

Play hide and seek with your kids. Kids absolutely love this game! It is an old time classic game but is still so much fun. We love coming up with fun and creative places to hide. You can get the whole family to play and they will love it!

3. Have a Sing Along

Put on some music and sing along! Its ok if you don’t know the words just make up your own. We make it fun by singing in silly voices. The kids really love it and you can channel your inner superstar! This Kids Karaoke Machine is so much fun from Amazon.com.

4. Play Dress-Up

Bring out some costumes and accessories and see who can come up with the craziest outfits. Make a runway and model your crazy outfits. Don’t forget to strike a silly pose! We love these Melissa & Doug dress up hats.

5. Play Pretend

Come up with different scenarios and play pretend. This is a great way to get you and your kids imaginations going. Try to get really into character and be as silly and over the top as possible. These Childcraft Occupation Costumes can really set up your scenario.

6. Do Crazy Hairstyles

Do crazy hairstyles on each other. Find barrettes or things around the house like straws or cotton balls to add to your crazy hair! When finished model your silly hairstyles and take some selfies together.

I hope you will take a little time to play around with some of these ideas. I promise you and your kids will have so much fun! There are probably so many other silly things you can do with your kids. What are some fun activities you do to be silly with your kids? Also check out my post on ways to be a happier and healthier mom.

fun activities to be silly with kids
silly activities to have fun with kids


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