6 Ways To Be A Happier And Healthier Mom

Take the kids to school, do laundry, cook dinner, bathe the kids, dress the kids and the list goes on. As a busy mom I know how hard it is to remember to take time for ourselves. We often put our needs and interest on the bottom of the list to put our family’s needs first. As a result our mood and health can suffer.

I know firsthand how important it is to take care of our self even after we become a mom. Making time for the things we need is crucial to our well being. If we don’t feel whole how can we possibly care for our little ones. I have often neglected myself. My health and mood have definitely suffered and therefore everyone around me suffered.

Its important that we do not feel guilty about taking care of ourselves. We have to remember that moms have needs too. By taking care of our self mentally, emotionally and physically we will have an overall better mood. If mommy is happy then the whole family will be happy!

These are some things that we can do for ourselves to be happier and healthier moms. These are things that I like to do to stay grounded and feel good. They don’t take a lot of time and they can easily be added into our daily routines.


It is no secret that exercise helps your mood and makes you feel good. I know how easy it is for us to make excuses that I we don’t have time or that we are too tired. The truth is that we can make the time and as a result we won’t be tired. We just need to take 30 minutes of our day to do some physical activity. Exercise is something we can  do with the kids. Go for a walk or play ball at the park with them. Work out at home or if you have the luxury of going to the gym then go! It’s a great little break from the kids. Whatever works for your lifestyle then make the time for it. The key is being healthy and feeling good for you and your family.

Eat Healthy

The food that we eat can greatly affect our mood. Eating healthier will make us feel better inside and out. It is all about lifestyle and being more conscious of what we are putting in our body. Incorporating more fruits and veggies into our diet is so important. It is also important to cut down on processed foods. We need to cut out refined sugars and artificial sweeteners and artificial ingredients and colors from our diet. Before I buy anything I like to do a quick read over of the nutrition facts and ingredients to make sure I know what I’m buying. Anything with artificial ingredients goes back on the shelf! Get the whole family involved in the healthy eating habits.

Plenty of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can make us irritable and depressed. It is so important to make sleep a priority. I know that getting enough sleep can sometimes be difficult as a mom especially if you have really young kids. The best thing we can do is to sleep when our kids sleep. I try to go to bed shortly after my kids go to bed. If we go to sleep hours after our kids then we are cutting into our precious sleep time. If napping with your kids is a possibility than take advantage of it when you really need the extra rest. A well rested mom makes for a happier mom!

Connect with Friends

It is important for us to stay connected with our friends as much as we can. Surrounding our self with positive friends will help us to be a happier mom. Sometimes we just need a chance to relax and have some laughs with our friends. I love to set up play dates with my friends that have kids. If your friends don’t have kids then you can always meet up for lunch or go for a walk. Remember that having a social life is important for our well being. Isolating our self can send us into a deep depression and greatly affect our mood. Check out some of my great resources on where to make mom friends http://www.lilposies.com/where-to-make-mom-friends/ .

Make Plans

I have found that making plans can make us happier. I like to have things that I enjoy and I can look forward to. Plan out outings with the family or plan a weekend trip. Have a barbecue or host a dinner for your friends. Try to go to events like birthday parties and family gatherings. Escape from the daily routines and the household duties for a little while and try to have some fun.

Improve Your Appearance

Take some time to improve your appearance. I have finally found a haircut and style that I love and is easy to maintain. I take care of my skin by moisturizing daily and drinking lots of water. I found a makeup regimen that is easy enough to fit into my daily routine. I try to ditch the sweatpants and wear clothes that make me look and feel good. I like to paint my nails or go for a pedicure. All of these things can make us feel so much better about ourselves and thus make us happier.

I hope you will find ways to be a happier and healthier mom. Remember to take care of yourself so you can be the person that you deserve to be and the mom that your family needs. What things do you like to do to stay happy and healthy? I would love to hear what you like to do in the comments.

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