Free Expecting Mother’s Pregnancy Journal

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Free Pregnancy Journal

In this journal write about your 9 month journey from conception to birth. Everything you will want to remember from your pregnancy is outlined for you. Answer questions, log important information and write about the unforgettable moments during your pregnancy. Your journal also includes pages to display maternity photos, ultrasounds, and important events.

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I hope you enjoy this journal as much as I did. Let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you!


Not Quite Susie Homemaker- Hilarious Homemaking Fails

The truth is that I am in no way the perfect Susie Homemaker. I have definitely had my share of cooking disasters and laundry fails. Most of which are really stupid mistakes that I wish I could forget. Whether it’s the mommy brain, the kids distracting me, or just plain exhaustion things can and do go wrong.

In this post I found some other brave mommy bloggers to share their hilarious homemaking fail stories. It’s nice to know that I am not the only one with my share of homemaking disasters. Let me start though by sharing a few of my own homemaking fails.

Please don’t judge… LOL

One of my most memorable fails was the time I accidentally washed an entire box of tissues in the washing machine. If you are familiar with tissues then you know that when tissues get wet they fall apart into a million tissue crumbs. Not to mention the little pieces of cardboard mixed in with the clean clothes. It is safe to assume that the cleanup was a nightmare! (Note: don’t ever put a box of tissues in your laundry basket to save you an extra trip up the stairs.)

Some of my other memorable fails are the time I forget to check my husbands pockets and washed his entire wallet! I have also used bleach to remove some stains from the carpet and ended up with orange spots instead. In the kitchen I have forgotten to close the lid all the way on the blender and ended up with smoothie all over the wall. I have also forgotten to remove the cardboard under the frozen pizza and didn’t notice until the oven was smoking!

I can laugh about these stories now and how stupid they were, but at the time I was definitely not laughing. As you can probably imagine I have learned from these mistakes and try to be a bit more careful now when doing house chores. Although not perfect, I still make ridiculous mistakes from time to time. Keep reading to laugh at more hilarious homemaking fails.

“There’s not much worse than accidentally machine washing a disposable diaper…which sadly I’ve done more than once.” – She Who Has Believed

“How to pick just one. The most recent is probably when pregnancy brain took over and I put 2 CUPS of baking soda in a batch of brownies instead of 2 TEASPOONS! or there was that time I turned an entire batch of white laundry bright purple….. lol.”- The Vintage Millenial

“I just put a pair of bright red baby jeans with the rest of her clothes and well you can guess the outcome. I have an entire set of baby clothes a beautiful shade of red with some severe patches here and there.”- Shahira

“Not sure if this completely counts BUT I’ve ran out of the house for 30 seconds to throw out the trash only to find my three year old locked me out of the house. Pro tip: keep spare key in garage AND unlock deck door beforehand from now on. You can never be too safe.”- My Sweet Lilac

“I foraged a load of blackberries and thought I was going to be super star homemaker and made jam. But sure who really needs to read instructions? I made jars of toffee which set solid and all had to be chucked.”- Home Grown Heaven

“I installed a high-up extra closet rod in a back nook of our basement to store hangers/clothes on while prepping for our local children’s consignment/resale events. Instead of installing both top AND bottom screws on the support brackets into the studs the top screws ended up about an inch above where the wall studs inexplicably stopped. The night before the consignment sale – immediately after hanging the LAST tagged/pressed piece of clothing on the rod and before taking them all down to pack up for the sale, the whole rod ripped out of the wall and all the clean/pressed clothes came tumbling down. They were covered with crumbling drywall from the big holes left in the wall when the brackets ripped out.”- Super Mom Hacks

“Oh man where do I begin…how about what happened just right now…mom brain to the max..I was so excited that I was getting everything done before hubby came home that I did not look at what I was grabbing and poured toilet bowl cleaning gel into the dishwasher ….I just set it to rewash it all again…”- Mamma Bear Says

“I was trying to put away the bulk container of garlic powder in the cupboard and instead I spiked it to the floor. It burst open and garlic powder exploded all over in front of me.” My Joy In Chaos

“When my husband and I were first dating I was trying to impress him and hide the fact that I am what I like to call “domestically challenged”. It was his birthday and I attempted to bake an angel food cake. Somehow it came out completely charred black on the top while still being wet and raw in the middle. Ever since then on his birthday he says he just wants fruit salad.”- Real Mom Recs

“I was making salsa once and could not find the blender anywhere. I’m not sure why I thought this was a good idea but I decided to improvise with a hand mixer. Yes, a hand mixer. Needless to say, I ended up taking store bought salsa to the event I was making it for. It also took quite awhile to get the salsa off the walls… and everything else!”-  For The Love Of Mom

“Too many hahaha one that comes to mind is moving the washing machine and forgetting to put the drain tube thing back in the sink and flooding the laundry.”- Little Finch Designs

“I was cooking and put olive oil in a pan and was just to put in the onion when I noticed that my baby had pooped.  At the time I had a severe case of breastfeeding brain and totally forgot about the pan that was on the stove. When I got back to the kitchen the whole pan was on fire. I shouted for my son’s father who came running, took the burning pan and put it in the sink. He was so close to turning on the water but luckily I yelled “The lid! Take the lid!” We can laugh about it now but it was so close to ending in a disaster thanks to my breastfeeding brain.”- Awesome Alice

“I burnt my couch with my high powered hair dryer in an attempt to dry out a cushion soaked with water because Toddlers… true story. I burnt the couch.”- Love Life Laugh Motherhood

“Not long after our second baby was born, my in-laws decided to visit. In an attempt to impress them that I had my sh# together, I baked cookies (break and bake but they didn’t need to know that!) and put candles along the top of the mantel on the fireplace. We were sitting in the living room when my brother in law casually said, “Mary your mirror is on fire.” The mirror on my fireplace had a wood surround (which my in laws gave to me) and it was smoking all along the bottom from the candles. I was mortified!”- Mary Brogdon Wessel

Thank you to all of the mommies that contributed to this post. We may not be the perfect Susie Homemakers, but at least we are trying. Mom brain can definitely get the best of us sometimes. Please check out their blogs to find other great stories and advice. These women are doing great work!

Do you have any hilarious homemaking fails? Keep the laughs coming and share your story in the comments!

Not Quite Susie Homemaker- Hilarious Homemaking Fail Stories From Moms
Not Quite Susie Homemaker- Hilarious Homemaking Fail Stories From Moms

10 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

I recently began a workout routine to get myself in better shape. With the warm weather already upon us, I am in no way ready for the beach. The truth is that I really slacked off during the holidays and winter months. Now I am paying the price as I have a few extra pounds that I want to lose.

Getting back into a workout routine has been tough. I come up with every possible reason why I can’t work out that day. It can be really hard to get motivated to workout. As A mom I am truly tired most days. I have been cleaning up and running around with the kids all day that the last thing I am thinking about is exercising.

Because mind over matter doesn’t always work, I have some unconventional ways of getting myself motivated to exercise. I usually mix it up and try different things depending on my mood. Chances are that one of these things will get me up off the couch.

1. Put On Workout Clothes

For some reason putting on yoga pants and a sports bra makes me want to work out. I don’t know if it’s because it’s super comfortable or because it makes me feel fit, but whatever the case may be it works! I have noticed that if I am wearing jeans or something uncomfortable I have not desire to exercise. As soon as I put on my leggings its game on!

2. Stand In Front Of The Mirror

Seriously! Getting dressed in front of the mirror can be a scary thought! When you are standing in front of the mirror you see yourself from another angle. You will notice the areas that need improvement. I know that I am reminded of what I want to achieve with my workout.

3. Read A Fitness Magazine

I love to look at fitness magazines or fitness blogs to be inspired. I like to find new exercises or workout routines that I want to try out. Not to mention the fabulous shape that all of these fitness models are in can be motivational. Reading all about fitness makes me want to be fit!

4. Listen To Dance Music

It’s called dance music for a reason because it makes you want to start moving! Dance music always gets me in the mood to work out. Put on your favorite upbeat songs before and during your workout routine.

5. Go For A Walk

Go for a walk around your neighborhood or park and magically you will have a boost of energy. Walking gets your heart rate up and the fresh air will motivate you to work out. Some days I will make my workout all about walking. I like to walk briskly a few times around my community. It can be a great workout and less intense than other exercise routines.

6. Drink A Cup Of Coffee

I hate to admit it, but I need to drink a cup of coffee everyday before I workout. If I am feeling sleepy there really is no way I am planning on working out. I have to have a cup of coffee to get energized to exercise. Of course it is always very important to drink plenty of water during and after exercise in addition to coffee.

7. Watch A Workout Video

Sometimes just by putting on a work out video will inspire me to start exercising. Once you see what great shape the instructors are in you will want to try some of the exercises yourself. It’s pretty impossible to sit there eating a bag of chips while the people on your screen are getting in shape!

8. Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Before you begin a work out routine set a realistic goal for yourself. Weather its to lose 10 pounds or to fit in those skinny jeans again, write it down. If you are focused on that goal you will be motivated in reaching that goal. Remind yourself daily of what you want to achieve and keep track of your progress. When we see results we are motivated to keep going.

9. Stretch

Stretching is important before doing any kind of exercise, but can also put you in the mood to workout. I found that stretching works great on the days that I am feeling tired or stiff. Doing some really great stretches will loosen you up and make you feel ready for exercise.

10. Go Swimsuit Shopping

I recently went swimsuit shopping and it was kind of a wake up call. The swimsuits that I saw online looked nothing like they were supposed to on me. Instead of becoming depressed and going home to eating some chocolate I turned my experience into motivation. I want to one day feel good about trying on swimsuits and be happy about my body.

Good luck!

I hope you will find what works for you and how you can motivate yourself to workout. Finding the motivation can be challenging at first, but once you get into a workout routine it will become easier as time goes on. Try to always stay positive and keep your goal in mind. What are your favorite ways to motivate yourself to workout?

how to motivate yourself to workout
ways to motivate yourself to exercise

If I Knew Then What I know Now About Motherhood

A Letter To My Mom

I was inspired to write a letter to my mom through my eyes now as a mother. I recognize everyday the impact my mom has had on me and the woman and mother I have become. Although never perfect, my mom has shaped the person I am today. I know now that I have inherited a lot of her good and the not so good traits. No matter what I will always love and accept my mom as she is.

Dear Mom,

If I knew then what I know now, I would know that motherhood isn’t easy. I never really understood the sacrifices you made until I became a mother myself. The selflessness you showed us day after day was the work of a warrior. Always putting everyone elses happiness before your own and never asking for anything in return.

I remember as a child seeing you do it all. Always having dinner on the table, cleaning the house, working, keeping us happy and making us feel loved. I know now that you were a superhero. You will always be my hero. As a mother myself, I can only strive to do all that you did for us.

I Don’t remember you complaining a lot about all you had to do. You just did it because you knew no one else would. You never had the help that you deserved. I know now that I probably took you for granted. I didn’t really appreciate all that you did for us. It was never my intention but probably my lack of understanding.

I know now that being an adult is hard. With children of my own I can truly understand the struggles of motherhood . There are many moments that I feel overwhelmed and wish that I could run away. I often feel helpless or hopeless and everything in between.  I look back and miss the carefree days of my childhood when life was so much easier.  

As a child, I can remember your anger and frustration getting the best of you. You had a short temper and would sometimes lash out as us. I know now why you often lost control. I can only imagine how overwhelmed and alone you felt. Those are feelings I can sometimes relate to. I am ashamed to admit that there are days that I too lose my temper. 

You taught me what motherhood was all about. I learned how to be a mom from you. You gave me all of the the essential life skills to succeed as an adult and as a mom. You showed me the importance of being independent and being responsible. I know now that I am a strong and confident woman because of you and the lessons you taught me.

The most valuable gift you gave me was how to be kind. I learned this trait by the example you showed. You always told us to treat others with compassion and kindness. This is a lesson I still live by everyday and try to instill in my girls. You have always had a big heart and I am so proud of you for that. 

We both know that you made a lot of mistakes as a mom. You were never perfect and that’s OK. Today I can accept you as you are. I know now that you always did the best you could. You were only capable of doing what you knew how. I have never held a grudge and I will never blame you for how life worked out. I love you no matter what because you will always be my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!


what i know now about motherhood
if i knew then what i know now about motherhood

#1 Advice “Moms To Be” Must Know About Breastfeeding

breastfeeding advice for new moms

After I got pregnant with my first daughter I had to make the decision of whether or not I was going to breastfeed. I read countless articles from doctors and nurses that all said breastfeeding had the most health benefits. I soon made the decision that I was going to breastfeed. Like every other expectant mom I went out and bought nursing bras and nursing tops. I of course bought a nursing cover and a nursing pillow. All I was missing was my baby and there was no other way to prepare my self.

To me I thought nursing should be no problem. I mean after all it is what nature intended and how our bodies are designed. Breastfeeding seemed pretty straight forward. Offer your boob, the baby will latch on and then start sucking to get the milk that they need. Unfortunately, I would soon find out that all I thought about breastfeeding would not be my case at all. In fact, I was unprepared for what was going to happen in the days after my daughter was born.

Soon after I had given birth to my daughter the nurses advised me that I should try nursing her. She latched on, or so I thought, and everything seemed to be going just fine. The nurses told me that my milk had not come in yet and it would take a couple of days for it to arrive. In the meantime my new born daughter would continue to nurse and get her nutrients from my colostrum. (This is the first milk your breasts produce during pregnancy.)

After being home from the hospital for 2 days my milk finally came in. I knew because my breasts were hard as a rock and they had grown 2 sizes! My bra barley fit and and my milk was leaking through my shirt. (That’s when I realized what nursing pads were for!) I nursed my daughter every few hours just as they told me in the hospital, but I was beginning to think that something was wrong.

My daughter didn’t seem all that interested in nursing. Every time I tried to nurse she would suck for a few seconds and then start crying hysterically. After I finally calmed her down she would just fall asleep. At that point my boobs felt like they were going to explode! I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong and why it wasn’t working. My baby was still hungry. I was so determined to breastfeed that I really didn’t consider any other option at that time.

The next day out of desperation I called a lactation consultant for help. Soon after she arrived she told me that I needed a breast pump to relieve my breasts from some of the milk. Of course I didn’t have one because I planned on nursing. My husband ran out to the store to pick one up and I was able to pump my first batch of milk. My breasts felt so much better! The consultant also noticed that my nursing bras were way too small! (Apparently when buying nursing bras you should buy 2 sizes larger than your pre-pregnancy size.) She spent hours with us trying to get my daughter to nurse, but it just wasn’t working. My daughter was frustrated and she was really hungry. She advised me to keep trying and to not give up. Eventually my baby would get the hang of breastfeeding.

We ended up giving my daughter the breast milk I pumped in a bottle so she would stop crying and finally feel full. She drank it with no problem and soon fell asleep. She slept for hours after that. It was clear to me that she was really hungry and she had no interest in my boob. It was extremely disappointing and a hard truth to accept. I somehow felt like a failure as her mother. My baby was starving and it was all my fault. I never really found out why she wouldn’t nurse other than the fact that she didn’t want to have to work so hard for food. We later found out that she nearly lost half her birth weight in those first few days.

I wanted to nurse her so bad, but I knew that the next best thing I could do was to continue to pump and feed her with a bottle. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy! Being on a strict pumping schedule while caring for a new born baby was exhausting. Not to mention the late night feedings and nursing sessions. Even after I went back to work I continued to pump for the next few months. My goal was to pump for the first 6 months and that was truly all I could handle. In the end I know that I did the best I could for her.

I know now that I should have had more realistic expectations. Every baby is different and breastfeeding might not work for everyone. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you. We all have different situations and circumstances. In my case I produced plenty of milk, but my baby had no interest in nursing. I know that some women do not produce enough milk and sometimes the baby just can’t latch properly. There might even be a problem with the size or shape of your breast. Whatever the case, if you can’t breastfeed it is not you fault! There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving your baby a bottle or even formula if that’s what you have to do.

I want all of the “moms to be” to know that breastfeeding is not as easy as you may think. It takes work and lots and lots of practice. Now that I have my second daughter I know that I didn’t do anything wrong with my first daughter. My youngest daughter is still nursing 2 and a half years later! In the hospital she latched no problem and seemed to really enjoy it… probably a little too much. (Lanolin was my nipples best friend.)

I hope that my experience will help all of you “moms to be”. You should be able to better prepare yourself for any situation by having an open mind. I really wish I had known more before I had my first child. I may have had a different outcome. If you are already a mommy, did you have any breastfeeding obstacles? How did you overcome your obstacles? I would love to hear about your experience.

breastfeeding advice for new mom


6 Strategies To Decluttering Your Home Without The Stress

The cabinets are ready to burst, drawers are overflowing and closets are jam packed! With the new year beginning it is time to think about decluttering your home. All I can thing about is simplify things and getting rid of all the clutter. There is no where to put things and it is definitely stressing me out. My house looks a wreck all the time!

I have been putting this project on hold for as long as I could because the thought of doing it seemed a bit overwhelming. However the decluttering has to be done and there is no better time than now. I came up with some strategies to help tackle the clutter head on. By putting a game plan in place you can accomplish the goal with little to no stress. These strategies will help you so don’t be afraid to get organized and beat the clutter!

Pick a Room:

The best way to start decluttering is to do one room at a time. If you are looking at your house as a whole it can be really overwhelming. As a result you may not know where to start. I suggest you start with the room that bothers you the most or the room that you know will be the easiest to clear out the clutter. If you go room by room you won’t feel so stressed. Just make sure to complete one room before you begin the next room.

Set Goals:

Use a planner to set goals that are reasonable and can be accomplished easily. Setting yourself up for failure is not a good idea. Your goal should be a realistic one that you know you can do. If your goal is to knockout one room a week or even one room a month then stick to that goal. Your goal can be even easier like decluttering a closet or cabinet each week. They are your goals and if you stick to them you will eventually accomplish your end result, a clutter free home!


Decluttering your home is a great opportunity to make some extra cash. Craigslist or OfferUp are a good way to sell big items and even household items. Name brand clothing or accessories and collectibles can be sold on eBay for a nice profit. Children’s clothes and toys are another easy thing to sell. I like to use the OfferUp app on my phone to sell those types of items. By grouping similar items together like infant toys or a certain clothing size you have a better chance of selling them quickly. If you want to sell things really quick then you may want to have a yard sale or garage sale. It will require a little more work to organize one, but it might be worth it if don’t want to take the time to list items.


Anything can be donated if you don’t have the time are energy to to sell it. You may need to donate items that you have been unsuccessful selling or items that you won’t be able to sell easily. Non name brand clothing, inexpensive toys or random household items are things you can donate to your local thrift store. Be sure to get a receipt anytime you make a donation so you can include it in your tax returns.


Don’t be afraid to throw things away! That empty TV box or broken lamp you have been holding on to for years. Throw them in the trash! There is no reason to hold onto things that are broken or useless. They are just adding to the clutter. Make sure you throw things away in a responsible manner so that things can be disposed of properly to protect our environment. Recycle paper, plastic and glass. Find a local electronic waste event for broken electronics such as TVs and appliances. Return plastic bags to your grocery store or Target. Dispose of used batteries and light bulbs by finding a place that recycles them such as Home Depot or IKEA. Get rid of those piles of papers by shredding them yourself or finding a company to do it.


While decluttering your home you can also organize the things you want to keep. Use bins and storage containers to get things put away neatly. If you have some of your kids old clothes put them in containers by size and label the outside. Keep all of your kids toys in bins and organized them by similarity. If you have a lot of sweaters or blankets you can put them in the under the bed storage boxes. However you choose to organize is totally up to you.

I hope with these strategies you are feeling motivated and ready to tackle the clutter. I know I am! What strategies do you like to use to declutter your home? I would love to hear about them in the comments. If you don’t have time to start decluttering now Pin this for later!

declutter your home
organize your cluttered home

Why I Left My Fashion Career To Be A Stay At Home Mom

I always knew that I wanted to be a fashion designer not only for my love of fashion, but also for my creativity. I dreamed about what a glamorous career it would be. I had visions of sitting at a desk drawing pretty clothes and looking at fabrics and colors. To me it seemed like the perfect career.

After much discouragement from my family I knew that it would be a difficult road getting there. I knew I would have to work hard to make my dream a reality. Shortly after high school I enrolled in the fashion institute and moved to Los Angeles. After a grueling 2 years of countless classes and projects I was finally on the road toward my future. I hit a few bumps along the way with rejection after rejection until I fianlly got my first job in the industry. I was in!

I started off working in production preparing tech packs and I was miserable, but I knew that it was my foot in the door. I stuck through it and kept my hope alive that one day I would become a designer. Eventually the designer who I had admired saw something in me. She promoted me to her assistant and I was thrilled!

I worked with her for a couple of years and learned all that I could. I Eventually knew that I had no more room to grow at that company and it was time for me to move on to something new. I started working at a kids clothing company still as an assistant designer. After working there for a year I was beginning to feel discouraged that I would never become a designer.

I needed something more and I felt stuck. I was no longer progressing in my career. Finally the associate designer position opened up and I was offered the job. I did it! I was going to be a designer. I was one step closer to my ultimate dream to be a head designer. At times the job was really rewarding and was the creative outlet that I loved. I got joy out of working with buyers and coming up with new designs.

After a few years and the birth of my first daughter, I realized that this career was not at all what I had dreamed of. It was not at all as glamorous as I had thought it would be. The reality was that it was stressful and hostile at times. The hours were long and the deadlines were endless. I would often work 6 and sometimes 7 days a week. The buildings and streets were dirty and the offices were unorganized. They were filled with clutter and mess it was hard to work at times. I also had to deal with a one hour commute to and from work. I had reached my breaking point. I knew then that something had to give.

I would sometimes hide in the bathroom and cry. I had fallen into a deep depression. I was over stressed and over worked and I missed my daughter. I was saddened by all of the little milestones I was missing out on and all of the time I could have been spending with her. It was heartbreaking to miss out on her first steps and to not be there when she had fallen off the bed. At times I felt like a terrible mother and other times I felt so much resentment. Resentment towards my husband and his mother who got to spend so much time with her. The fact was that I only had 2 hours after a long day of work to spend with my daughter before it was time for bed.

How could I leave my daughter everyday and know that I was going to a place where I was told that my thoughts and opinions don’t matter. It was a tough pill to swallow to realize that all that I had worked so hard for and all that I had dreamed of was not what I thought it was going to be. There was no way I could have it all. Be a successful designer and be the mother that I wanted to be.

There was a reason that very few people in that industry had kids. To work in that job I would have to be a slave. Always working on the next deadline and always coming up with the next design. I was torn and I was at a crossroads. Was I willing to throw it all away and walk away from my dream? I knew that if I left I would probably never go back.

It wasn’t easy, but I knew that it was a decision that would have to be made for my sanity and the sake of my family. My husband and I made the decision that I would leave my career behind and become a stay at home mom. I can honestly say that I have never looked back. It just felt right. We have had our struggles learning to adjust to a single income, but we have managed to make it work and it has been so worth it.

Soon after leaving my job we got pregnant and had our second daughter. I love being home with my daughters. It is so rewarding knowing that I can be there for every moment of their life. I never want to miss anything again. It was definitely the best decision I could have made for our family. It has brought us closer together and made us so much happier.

To keep my creativity alive I started an Etsy shop with my own handmade girls dresses and I more recently began this blogging journey. I love having the freedom to explore so many other opportunities. The possibilities for stay at home moms are endless. I know that staying home in not an option for everyone, but this is my story and it has worked for my family. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic. Please leave me a comment. If you would like to check out my Etsy shop visit me here at .

Where to make “Mom” friends

Where do I make “mom” friends? This is a question I have often thought about. Mommy life can get a little lonely when all you have is your toddler to talk to while your husband is at work. If you are an introvert like me than making friends has probably been a challenge your entire life. Making “mom” friends can be even more of a challenge.

Sometimes friends fall out of touch and enter different stages of life at different times. Its hard to stay connected to people that you no longer have things in common with. I know this has been the case for me many times throughout my life. I don’t think moving around a lot and going into a fashion career where no one had kids helped me much either.

Important things I consider when I’m looking for “mom” friends is to find other like-minded moms. Moms that hold the same sort of values and parenting techniques that I do. If our kids are close in age or play really well together then it’s an added bonus. My qualifications for friends are probably totally different now that I am a mom.

Why is it important to have “mom” friends? I truly believe that having other moms as friends is essential. As a mom we really need people to lean on. People that know what we are going through. Having other moms to talk to about anything mommy related can be such a relief. Sometimes you need advice or someone to just vent to. The mom struggles are real! Its important to have people you can talk to.

This list that I put together are some really great ways to meet other moms. Becoming friends on the other hand is totally up to you! If you see a mom that seems interesting or friendly strike up a conversation. If you hit it off and your kids do too then exchange numbers. Setting up a playdate is a great way to really get to know each other. For some helpful tips on hosting a playdate check out my post .

Parent Education Class

Most adult schools offer parent education classes. This class can also be referred to as a mommy and me preschool class. It is Basically a preschool class that you attend with your child. It includes crafts, story-time, music, playtime and parent discussion time. Check out your local adult schools for the class information and pricing. This is a really good way to meet other moms in your area.

Library Story-Time

Public Libraries often have free story-time for children and toddlers. This is a great place to connect with other moms. The kids really enjoy it too. Some libraries have a kids play area or offer a craft. Afterwards you can let the kids play and hopefully make some friends. Check out your local public library for their story-time and events schedule.

Mommy Meet-Up Groups

Look for mommy meet-up groups in your area. Mommy meet-up groups get together with their kids and go to the park or have playdates and go on little adventures. Its a great way to meet other moms and keep your kids busy. Some good resources for finding mom meet-up groups in your area are and .

Local Park

Take your kids to your local park. If you go to the same park often enough you may start to recognize some familiar faces. This is a good way to meet other moms that live nearby. It is also a good way to tire your kids out! Get into a routine of going to the park and you will for sure meet other moms.

Sports Activities

Sign your kids up for a sport such as gymnastics, dance, soccer or baseball. Your local Parks and Recreation is a great place to find sports activities for your kids. You will see the same moms every week so you can easily make friends with some of them. Your kids will probably be the same age or gender so you really can’t go wrong.

Gymboree Class

Check online to see if there is Gymboree class in your area. Gymboree classes are especially good for babies and toddlers. They do music and play-time. Kids really seem to enjoy it and its another great place to connect with other moms. Gymboree offers one free class to check it out before you sign up. That way you can make sure you and your little one like it. Go to their website to check out their class schedules.

I hope this list has been helpful to you. Now go out there and make some “Mom” friends! You will feel so much happier when you do. If you have any other great suggestions on where to meet other moms I’d love to hear about it. Post it in the comments! For more helpful reads check out some of my other blog posts.

6 Ways To Be A Happier And Healthier Mom

Take the kids to school, do laundry, cook dinner, bathe the kids, dress the kids and the list goes on. As a busy mom I know how hard it is to remember to take time for ourselves. We often put our needs and interest on the bottom of the list to put our family’s needs first. As a result our mood and health can suffer.

I know firsthand how important it is to take care of our self even after we become a mom. Making time for the things we need is crucial to our well being. If we don’t feel whole how can we possibly care for our little ones. I have often neglected myself. My health and mood have definitely suffered and therefore everyone around me suffered.

Its important that we do not feel guilty about taking care of ourselves. We have to remember that moms have needs too. By taking care of our self mentally, emotionally and physically we will have an overall better mood. If mommy is happy then the whole family will be happy!

These are some things that we can do for ourselves to be happier and healthier moms. These are things that I like to do to stay grounded and feel good. They don’t take a lot of time and they can easily be added into our daily routines.


It is no secret that exercise helps your mood and makes you feel good. I know how easy it is for us to make excuses that I we don’t have time or that we are too tired. The truth is that we can make the time and as a result we won’t be tired. We just need to take 30 minutes of our day to do some physical activity. Exercise is something we can  do with the kids. Go for a walk or play ball at the park with them. Work out at home or if you have the luxury of going to the gym then go! It’s a great little break from the kids. Whatever works for your lifestyle then make the time for it. The key is being healthy and feeling good for you and your family.

Eat Healthy

The food that we eat can greatly affect our mood. Eating healthier will make us feel better inside and out. It is all about lifestyle and being more conscious of what we are putting in our body. Incorporating more fruits and veggies into our diet is so important. It is also important to cut down on processed foods. We need to cut out refined sugars and artificial sweeteners and artificial ingredients and colors from our diet. Before I buy anything I like to do a quick read over of the nutrition facts and ingredients to make sure I know what I’m buying. Anything with artificial ingredients goes back on the shelf! Get the whole family involved in the healthy eating habits.

Plenty of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can make us irritable and depressed. It is so important to make sleep a priority. I know that getting enough sleep can sometimes be difficult as a mom especially if you have really young kids. The best thing we can do is to sleep when our kids sleep. I try to go to bed shortly after my kids go to bed. If we go to sleep hours after our kids then we are cutting into our precious sleep time. If napping with your kids is a possibility than take advantage of it when you really need the extra rest. A well rested mom makes for a happier mom!

Connect with Friends

It is important for us to stay connected with our friends as much as we can. Surrounding our self with positive friends will help us to be a happier mom. Sometimes we just need a chance to relax and have some laughs with our friends. I love to set up play dates with my friends that have kids. If your friends don’t have kids then you can always meet up for lunch or go for a walk. Remember that having a social life is important for our well being. Isolating our self can send us into a deep depression and greatly affect our mood. Check out some of my great resources on where to make mom friends .

Make Plans

I have found that making plans can make us happier. I like to have things that I enjoy and I can look forward to. Plan out outings with the family or plan a weekend trip. Have a barbecue or host a dinner for your friends. Try to go to events like birthday parties and family gatherings. Escape from the daily routines and the household duties for a little while and try to have some fun.

Improve Your Appearance

Take some time to improve your appearance. I have finally found a haircut and style that I love and is easy to maintain. I take care of my skin by moisturizing daily and drinking lots of water. I found a makeup regimen that is easy enough to fit into my daily routine. I try to ditch the sweatpants and wear clothes that make me look and feel good. I like to paint my nails or go for a pedicure. All of these things can make us feel so much better about ourselves and thus make us happier.

I hope you will find ways to be a happier and healthier mom. Remember to take care of yourself so you can be the person that you deserve to be and the mom that your family needs. What things do you like to do to stay happy and healthy? I would love to hear what you like to do in the comments.