If I Knew Then What I know Now About Motherhood

A Letter To My Mom

I was inspired to write a letter to my mom through my eyes now as a mother. I recognize everyday the impact my mom has had on me and the woman and mother I have become. Although never perfect, my mom has shaped the person I am today. I know now that I have inherited a lot of her good and the not so good traits. No matter what I will always love and accept my mom as she is.

Dear Mom,

If I knew then what I know now, I would know that motherhood isn’t easy. I never really understood the sacrifices you made until I became a mother myself. The selflessness you showed us day after day was the work of a warrior. Always putting everyone elses happiness before your own and never asking for anything in return.

I remember as a child seeing you do it all. Always having dinner on the table, cleaning the house, working, keeping us happy and making us feel loved. I know now that you were a superhero. You will always be my hero. As a mother myself, I can only strive to do all that you did for us.

I Don’t remember you complaining a lot about all you had to do. You just did it because you knew no one else would. You never had the help that you deserved. I know now that I probably took you for granted. I didn’t really appreciate all that you did for us. It was never my intention but probably my lack of understanding.

I know now that being an adult is hard. With children of my own I can truly understand the struggles of motherhood . There are many moments that I feel overwhelmed and wish that I could run away. I often feel helpless or hopeless and everything in between.  I look back and miss the carefree days of my childhood when life was so much easier.  

As a child, I can remember your anger and frustration getting the best of you. You had a short temper and would sometimes lash out as us. I know now why you often lost control. I can only imagine how overwhelmed and alone you felt. Those are feelings I can sometimes relate to. I am ashamed to admit that there are days that I too lose my temper. 

You taught me what motherhood was all about. I learned how to be a mom from you. You gave me all of the the essential life skills to succeed as an adult and as a mom. You showed me the importance of being independent and being responsible. I know now that I am a strong and confident woman because of you and the lessons you taught me.

The most valuable gift you gave me was how to be kind. I learned this trait by the example you showed. You always told us to treat others with compassion and kindness. This is a lesson I still live by everyday and try to instill in my girls. You have always had a big heart and I am so proud of you for that. 

We both know that you made a lot of mistakes as a mom. You were never perfect and that’s OK. Today I can accept you as you are. I know now that you always did the best you could. You were only capable of doing what you knew how. I have never held a grudge and I will never blame you for how life worked out. I love you no matter what because you will always be my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!


what i know now about motherhood
if i knew then what i know now about motherhood

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