DIY Santa’s Sleigh Advent Calendar

Help Santa fill his sleigh! I finally made an advent calendar for my kids that we can reuse every year. In the past I bought those chocolate filled advent calendars that you throw away after they are used up. The problem is that I have 2 girls both at the chocolate loving age so I would have to buy 2! I thought what better than to make our own advent calendar that we can put our own little treats in. I made it more exciting by putting tiny gifts for each day that will go in Santa’s sleigh as we count down the days until Christmas.

I have seen so many adorable advent calendars out their, but many of them are really expensive. This calendar is made from really inexpensive materials. Everything cost less than $15 to make! I absolutely love the way this calendar turned out. I thought I’d share my step by step directions on how to make your very own. The sewing needed for this project is very basic so you don’t need to be an expert!

20161201_094920-1What You’ll Need:

1/2 yard red glitter felt

1/2 yard white felt

1 glitter canvas sheet

24 assorted wood shapes (if cannot find use felt or foam shapes.)

self adhesive Velcro (rough side only)

white satin ribbon (6 pieces 13″ long)

1 wood skewer

18″ inch string

1/2 yard fusible pellon (optional to line backside of white felt to prevent fabric from stretching over time.)

acrylic paint



Cut the red felt on the fold with the folded edge at the bottom 19″ inches long by 13″ inches wide. Make 2 little 1/4″ inch notches (slits) on left and right sides on the fold.

20161202_090811-1Cut the white felt on the fold with the folded edge on top 13 1/2″inches long by 13″ inches wide.


With the felt still folded, cut the bottom edge into a scalloped pattern.

Cut 6 strips of red felt 3″inches long by 13″inches wide.

20161202_085842-1Sew the satin ribbons onto the felt strips along the top edge. (Fabric glue would also work, but do not hot glue!)

20161202_095148-1Unfold the felt piece and pin the felt strips onto the cut felt with the glitter sides facing up. The bottom felt strip should match up to the notches you made when the felt was folded. The satin edge of each strip should overlap the top piece 1/8″ inch.

20161202_101142-1Stitch the bottom edge of all strips.


On the back side of the felt draw a line down the center of the felt from the bottom edge of the bottom strip and to the top satin edge of the top strip.

Draw another line 3″inches from the center line on both the right and left sides and stitch down those 3 lines. This will create the pockets.


Fold the cut felt piece in half again at the notches with the right sides together.


Pin along the sides.

20161202_104424-1 Stitch them together with a 3/8″inch seam allowance.

20161202_104548-1Turn the felt right sides out with the opening at the top. Push out the corners with a pair of scissors. Press the sides flat with an iron. (Make sure the iron is not too hot as the felt will burn.)

20161202_111749-1While folded stich the white felt piece 3/8″inch seam allowance to both sides. Stop about 1/2″inch from the folded edge.


Turn the felt right sides out and press the sides flat with an iron.

20161202_112517-1Stitch a line across the top 1/2″inch down from the folded edge.

20161202_112816-1Insert the red felt into the white felt overlapping 1″ inch.

20161202_113425-1Stitch them together 1/2″ inch from the scalloped edge.

20161202_113653-1Cut a piece of string about 18″ inches long.

20161202_113755-1Tie the string to one end of the wood skewer and secure it with a piece of tape.

20161202_114124-1Insert the skewer through the felt and tie the string to the other side. Secure with a piece of tape.

20161201_122707-1Sketch out a sleigh shape and trace it onto the back of glitter canvas sheet.

20161201_123518-1Cut out the sleigh and hot glue it onto the white felt part of the advent calendar.

20161201_154059-1Paint the wood pieces and decorate them to look like presents.

20161201_154225-1Stick a small piece of Velcro to the back of the presents. (The rough Velcro piece only!)


Paint on the numbers or cut them out of felt and glue them on.


I hope you found this tutorial helpful and I hope you love this project as much as I do. Leave me a comment in the comments below. I would love to hear what you think! Check out some of my other fun sewing tutorials.

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  1. I was just thinking today “I wonder if I could make an advent calendar?” as we were passing the stacks of cheap-chocolate ones in the the grocery store. My Doll is a little too young this year but I’m thinking next year she will be old enough to get excited about Christmas 🙂 Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

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