Easy DIY Baby Quilt And Pillow

I have another sewing tutorial to share! Everyone that knows me, knows that I love to sew. I take every opportunity to do a sewing project and create something special. Handmade gifts are especially my favorite things to sew. I made this adorable Dr. Seuss baby quilt and pillow for my sister in law’s baby shower. I thought it would be really nice to make something that she could put in her Dr. Seuss themed nursery.

In this sewing tutorial I will walk you through step by step how to make and sew an adorable baby quilt with a matching pillow. It doesn’t have to be Dr. Seuss. Any theme would be just as cute! These are the basic sewing instructions to help you through your own project. Use your imagination to come up with your own super special baby quilt and pillow.

What you will need:

1 1/4 yard printed woven fabric

1 1/4 yard printed woven fabric (simple coordinating print)

2 packages Double Fold Bias Tape Quilt Binding .875 Wide

1 1/4 yard quilting pellon


1/2 yard fabric or fabric quarter printed fabric

1/2 yard fabric or fabric quarter solid fabric

1 bag polyester fiber fill

Letter stencil (Initial of baby’s name)

Fabric paint

Step One: Quilt

Measure out and cut both woven prints and quilting pellon into a 35″inches wide X 45″ inches long rectangles. (Layering all 3 fabrics and cutting them together works best.) (*Iron out and creases before cutting.)

Step Two: Quilt

Layer the fabrics so that the prints are facing outward and the quilting pellon is placed between both prints. Pin the fabric layers together all around the edges and the center. Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles.

Step Three: Quilt

Measure out 3 horizontal lines to sew across the width of the fabric. Start by drawing a straight line with chalk/ pencil across the center. Then draw 2 more lines across the middle of the center mark and fabric top and bottom. Stitch all 3 layers of fabric together using those lines as your guide.

Step Four: Quilt

With the edges still pinned start sewing on the bias tape on the top right corner. Make sure that the wider side of the bias tape in in the back. Line up the edge of the bias tape to the corner of the quilt and begin stitching the bias tape along the bias tape edge. (Iron out all creases on bias tape before sewing.)

Stop when you have reached the bottom right corner of the quilt.

Step Five: Quilt

Sew the bottom right corner by folding the excess tape under and create an angled crease. Line up the creases on the front and back of the tape.

Press with an iron and pin in place.

Step Six: Quilt

Stitch down that crease and continue sewing the bias tape onto the quilt until you have reached the next corner. Stop at the next corner and cut the extra bias tape off so that it is even with the fabric edge.

Step Seven: Quilt

Using the second package of bias tape, open up the bias tape and fold the corners in and press them with an iron.

Fold the tape in half again to create a point and press with an iron. (Press out all other creases on Bias tape.)

Step Eight: Quilt

Line up the point of the bias tape to the corner of the quilt and pin in place. Stitch the bias tape onto the quilt starting at the corner.

Stitch down the corner seam. and continue stitching until you reach the third corner.

Step Nine: Quilt

Stop sewing at the third corner and create the same angled crease from Step 5. Stitch down the corner crease and continue sewing the bias tape until you reach the final corner of the quilt. Stop before you reach the corner.

Step Ten: Quilt

At the last corner of the quilt fold the corners of the bias tape under to create an angle as you did in Step 7.

Sew the corner seam down.

Finished Quilt!

Step One: Pillow

Cut the solid and printed fabric into 13 1/2 inch x 13 1/2 inch squares.

Step Two: Pillow

Lay out your letter stencil onto the printed fabric square.

Trace the letter with a pencil or marker.

Paint the letter outline with the fabric paint and a paint brush.

Let the paint dry completely before moving to the next step.

Step Three: Pillow

Pin the two pillow squares together with the right sides of the fabric facing inward. Stitch all around  a 1/2″ from the fabric edge. Leave a 4″ inch opening at the bottom of the pillow to add the stuffing.

Step Four: Pillow

Clip the corners of the pillow off.

Step Five: Pillow

Flip the pillow right side out. Using a pair of scissors push out the corners to make a point.

Use an iron to press all corners and pillow edges flat.

Step Six: Pillow

Stuff the pillow with the poly fiber fill through the 4″ inch opening. Fill all corners and edges until the filling is even all around. (Make sure not to over stuff.)

Step Seven: Pillow

Stitch the opening closed used a needle and thread. Sew as close to the edge as possible.

There you have it! Hopefully you have a beautiful baby quilt and pillow. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this project. Hopefully you have found it helpful! I would love to hear how your quilt and pillow turned out.

how to sew a baby quilt and pillow


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