Easy DIY Mommy and Me Aprons

With the holiday season quickly approaching what better idea than to have mommy and me matching aprons. I love to do a lot of baking around the holidays and my daughter is becoming especially eager to help this year. If you are no Betty Crocker but like DIY sewing projects then this is the perfect gift idea. The aprons can be made for boys or girls just change up the print and colors. They will make great gifts for mom and daughter or father and son or mom and son or father and daughter. You get the point!

This sewing project is perfect if you are a beginner sewer or just like sewing. The construction is simple and really straight forward. I layed out easy to follow instructions and step by step photos. The patterns I used for these aprons are from existing adult and child aprons that I have. If you do not have aprons to use as a template don’t worry I have drawn out the measurements for both sizes.

Things you will need:


1 yard woven fabric

9 yards 1/2″inch extra wide double fold bias tape

adult apron pattern

child apron pattern


sewing machine/ thread

ribbon (optional)

Step 1: Make the apron patterns


These patterns can easily be drawn out on wrapping paper or any kind of large butcher paper. Don’t worry about the strap measurements for the patterns. This information will only be needed during sewing. You will only need to draw out half of the pattern from the center front since the pattern will be cut on the fold anyway. Be sure to make a slightly curved line for the underarm seams. Make the bottom corners of them hemlines rounded. Follow the same rounded shape for both the adult and child aprons. Then cut the patterns out.

Step 2: Cut the aprons out of fabric

folded edge->20160922_171623-1<-folded edge

The next step is to cut the apron patterns out of the fabric you have chosen. Always cut the pattern and fabric on the fold. this way you will have a perfectly symmetrical apron. If you are using a paper pattern I suggest pinning the pattern to the fabric before cutting so it wont move. Refer to the above photo for the fabric layout. The fabric is folded on both the left and right sides with the fabric edges lined up down the center. This is the best layout so that both patterns will fit with very little fabric waste. (Save any fabric scraps for the pockets!)

20160922_173708-1 Iron aprons if necessary

Step 3: Sew the bias tape to the sides and hem

20160922_175442-1<-wider edge of bias tape on the back

Start sewing the right side just below the underarm seam and continue sewing all the way around the hem and back up to the left side. Sew as close to the edge of the bias tape as you can. Make sure that the apron fabric edge is all the way inside the bias tape to the fold. (*Note: always put the wider edge of the bias tape on the back of the apron.)


Step 4: Sew the neckline

Sew a piece of the bias tape along the top neckline of the apron.


Step 5: Sew back straps/ underarm seam/ neck strap

Measure out the back tie measurement on the bias tape and make a pencil mark. Sew the bias tape together and stop at that pencil mark.


Insert the left underarm corner between the bias tape and continue sewing the bias tape onto the underarm seam.


Stop sewing when you have reached the neckline corner.


Make another pencil mark on the bias tape measuring out the neck strap measurement. Continue sewing the bias tape and stop at the pencil mark. Insert the right top neck corner between the bias tape and continue sewing.


Sew the underarm seam all the way until you have reached the bottom underarm corner. Stop sewing and measure out the right back tie strap. Make a pencil mark and cut the bias tape to the correct length. Continue sewing the right back tie until you have reached the end.

Sew this tie first->20160923_104124-1<-End sewing this tie

Step 6: Make the pockets

20160923_104717-1 4″ inch square

20160923_105510-1 3 1/2″ inch square

Draw out the pockets on paper using these measurements for both the adult and child pockets.


Cut them out and fold them in half. Draw a rounded edge on the bottom corner and then cut.

Pin the pocket patterns to the extra fabric and then cut them out.


Sew A piece of bias tape across the top of the pockets.

Sew the bias tape around the sides and bottoms of the pockets. Leave a little extra bias tape at the top so that you can fold it down during stitching for a finished edge.

 Fold down bias tape edge

Pin the pocket onto the apron on your desired placement. Stitch the pocket on the outside edge of the bias tape along the sides and bottom.


Finished! Add a ribbon bow to the pockets for a feminine touch or add a second pocket to the front. Personalize them however you choose!

I hope you have found this mommy and me apron tutorial helpful. Please feel free to shoot me a question in the comments. I would love to hear about your project.

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