Easy No-Sew Tutu Tutorial

I have put together a super cute and really easy no-sew tutu tutorial. This will hopefully be the first of many crafting tutorials to come. I made this tutu for my daughter’s 5th Birthday party. I am very happy with the results and how easy it was so I thought I’d share it!

The possibilities as far as color and design are endless. I chose to do an aqua and lilac tutu to match my daughter’s party theme, but you can do anything. A really colorful skirt would be super cute or even a solid color. The color pattern and fullness of the tutu is totally up to you. You can use a glitter tulle or and other type of mesh as long as its not too thick.  Now lets get creative!

I am going to walk you through the steps on how to make and assemble this tutu. Your fabric yardage will depend on the design and size you choose to make and the waistband length will depend on the size of your child.

(Note: When measuring your child’s waist with the elastic make sure you stretch it a bit so that it will fit securely around their waist and won’t fall down.)


Things you’ll need:

3 yards aqua tulle

2 yards lilac tulle

1 yard turquoise crochet elastic trim


needle and thread

1. Cut the tulle into the correct length and width size strips. I cut my tulle 6 inches wide horizontally across the cross-grain of the fabric. I left the fabric on the fold and just cut on the folded line to end up with 2 strips of tulle. The strip ended up being about 14 1/4″ inches long once it was cut. (Note: the tulle strips will be folded in half so make sure they are long enough when folded.) I used just about the entire yardage of tulle. You are going to need a lot of strips. For a less full skirt I suggest cutting the strips a little narrower around 4-5 inches wide.

20160831_152533              20160831_160407

2. Assemble the waistband. After getting the correct measurement for your child’s waist cut 2 pieces of elastic to that size. The waistband will be 2 layers of elastic for extra support. Stitch the ends of the elastic right sides together about a 1/4″ inch from the cut edge on both pieces of elastic to create a seam. I promise this is very minimal sewing! Put the 2 layers of elastic together matching up the seams with the wrong sides together and right sides facing outward.



3. Assemble the skirt. Fold one of the tulle strips in half lengthwise and pull the fold through one of the holes along the edge of the waistband just about an 1″ inch. Make sure you go through both layers of elastic. This will create a loop. Pull both ends of the tulle through the loop. Do not pull the ends too tight! Leave the loop a little loose so you do not damage the waistband or the look of the skirt. (Note: If you are doing a color pattern start in the middle front of the skirt with the waist seam in the back. Continue to add tulle strips on both the left and right sides to end up with an even color pattern.) I did 2 aqua and 1 lilac and continued that pattern all the way around. Insert a tulle strip in every large hole along the edge of the elastic until the skirt is completely filled in.





4. Finished!


Your all done! Now your little princess has a one of a kind hand-made tutu made by you. I hope it turned out adorable and was as easy as you hoped. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how your tutu turned out. I’d love to hear your creative ideas!

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