25 Fun & Free Outings To Do With Kids

Are you looking for free outings to do with your kids? Keeping kids busy and constantly entertained can be a challenge at times. If your kids are anything like my kids than you know that getting out of the house is a must. If my girls are at home too long than they can become really annoying! They start to get restless and fight constantly. Sometimes my only solution is to get them out of the house.

As a family, we love to go on little adventures and explore new things. Continuously going places can start to add up and become expensive. We are always looking for fun things that we can do with our kids that won’t break the bank. Having fun shouldn’t have to cost so much money. There are many free outings to do with kids, you just need to know where to find them.

1. Picnic in the park

Pack up a picnic lunch and spend the day relaxing and playing in the park. Parks are always great for free outings. Bring a big blanket to sit on, a ball to throw around and bubbles for the little ones. You and the kids will enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air.


The mall is another great place for free outings. Find a Westfield mall or a mall with an indoor play area for the kids. The kids will love it and can get some energy out. It’s a perfect outing for a rainy day or to beat the heat.

3. Playground

Every kid loves going to the playground and it’s great for free outings. Find a new and cool playground to check out. That way the kids don’t get bored with the same old playground you always go to.

4. children’s museum (free Day)

Find a children’s museum in your area and see if they offer a free day. Many children’s museums offer a free day once a month. Usually the day is in the first or second week of each month.

5. Science Center (free Day)

Look for a science center near you. Some science centers are always free to the public and others may offer a free day each month.

6. observatory

Take the family to the observatory. Most observatories are free admission. There is usually a fee for the shows that they offer.

7. Public LIBRARY

Check out your public library. Many public libraries have a children’s play area or even a free story time. Spend time reading or check out some books to take home.

8. ikea

Go with the family to Ikea and get some retail therapy. The kids love looking around at the room displays. If you want a little break drop the kids off in the kids play area. They will have a blast and you can have some quiet shopping time.

9. lego store

Take the kids to the Lego Store. The kids will have so much fun playing with the Lego tables and building things.

10. swap meet

Go as a family to your local swap meet or flea market. It is always exciting to find new things. Check out people’s crafts or animals for sale. Some swap meets may charge a small fee for admission, usually no more than $1.

11. The beach

Plan a day at the beach. Bring your beach chairs, an umbrella and some sand toys. The kids will have a blast playing in the sand and splashing in the waves.

12. bike ride

Find a paved bike trail to take the family on. Pack plenty of snacks and and water. Take breaks when needed to relax and explore the surroundings.

13. hiking trail

Take the kids on a nature hike. Find a path that is easy enough for the kids to walk. Pack a lot of snacks and have fun exploring the great outdoors.

14. Arboretum (free day)

Check out your local arboretum and see if they offer a free day. Usually the free day is in the beginning of each month. Have fun exploring all of the flowers and plants.

15. tennis

Take your kids to a park or school with tennis courts that are open to the public. Have fun hitting the balls around with your rackets.

16. basketball

Find a park with an outdoor basketball court. Bring your basket ball and practice shooting hoops with the kids.

17. baseball

Go to a park with a baseball field or even an open field where you can play baseball. Practice hitting and catching the ball.

18. McDonald’s Play Place

Go to McDonald’s for an ice cream cone or coffee and let the kids play in the Play Place for a while. They will absolutely love it and you can sit and relax while they play.

19. kids workshop

Take the kids to a free workshop at The Home Depot or Lowe’s where they make a project. The Home Depots workshops are on the first Saturday of every month between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m  Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinics are on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. Visit their sites for more details and to register online.

20. Costco/ Sam’s club

Take the kids to Costco or Sam’s Club. Your kids will love trying all of the free samples they give out.

21. toy store

Take the kids to the toy store. Let them check out all of the toys and press all of the buttons. They will never want to leave. Just make sure you let them know before hand that you are only looking and you are not buying any toys.

22. bookstore

Go to the bookstore with the kids. Your kids will love looking at all of the children’s books. Some bookstores may have a kids play area or a toy area.

23. pet store

Visit a pet store with your kids. Your kids will have so much fun looking at the animals that they will not want to leave.

24. Disney store

Check out your Disney Store. The kids can be there forever checking out all of the toys and costumes. Many Disney stores play movies and have a kids coloring area. The Disney Store also offers many free events throughout the year.

25. splash pad

Look for a splash pad in your area to take the kids to. Some parks or outdoor shopping malls have them. The kids will absolutely love it and its a great place to have free outings.

Now it’s time to start planning your next free outings with your kids. Sometimes free outings end up being the most fun. Explore new places, learn new things, and most importantly enjoy the time with your kids. What are some free outings you like to do with your kids?

fun and free outings to do with kids
fun and free activities to do with kids




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  1. Yaassss!!! Costco! Ha! We were just looking into a vacay…Mexico, Hawaii, Jamaica…then we realized we should wait until next year and just enjoy more of SoCal with the girls all year! We’re going to the Observatory this weekend.

    1. SoCal has so much to do! The observatory is so much fun and a really beautiful place to visit!

  2. We are frequent flyers at fast food play places! Especially in the winter, but during the summer we like to rotate between parks, splash pads, hiking and other outdoor activities! Thanks for this list! I never thought to go to the pet store or lego store! Such a great idea!

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