Free Printable Valentine’s Day Card Craft

free printable valentine's day card

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which means it’s crunch time for making the perfect card! I prefer to make homemade cards with my kids because it is so much more meaningful. The nice thing about them is that they can be kept as a keepsake afterwards. My girls really enjoy doing crafts anyway so this is a fun little craft to do with them.

This Printable Valentine’s Day card is super easy to do and looks so cute when it’s finished. It makes a great gift for daddy, grandparent, or someone special. Not only is this craft really great for kids of all ages, but it’s fun for adults too!


Step 1: Print out the card design (card stock works best).

Download Here

Step 2: Fold the card in half along the dashed line and make a crease.
Step 3: Add your or your child’s fingerprints using red and pink paint to make the leaves on the tree. (Tip: overlap 2 fingerprints to make them look like hearts!)

free printable valentine's day card

Step 4: Personalize the inside by writing a special message or by having your child decorate it.


Download and print these adorable mini Valentine’s Day cards!

Download Here

printable mini valentine's cards

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you enjoy this cute Valentine’s day printable card craft! Let me know how it turns out!


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