Teaching Children Manners In A Rude World

What kind of children are you raising?

With all of the bullying and rude people in the world, it makes me wonder what kind of children are we raising? Manners today are not what they used to be. With technology right at our children’s fingertips it seems that there are more rude people today than ever before.

In a sense personal interaction is few and far in between. Even as adults most of our interaction with others is through text and email. Many of us have forgotten the importance of manners and what it means to be polite.

Have you ever heard the phrase “didn’t your mother ever teach you any manners?” Well, did you teach your children manners? The good new is that it’s not too late. Manners can be taught to any age, but the earlier the better! When you teach young children manners it is more likely to stick with them for the rest of their life.

“Our children today will become the adults of tomorrow”.

Importance of Manners

Manners are something we use every day to make a good impression on others and to make us feel good about our self. Good manners are not just about opening doors and saying please and thank you. While those manners are just as important, kindness goes much deeper.

When you show good manners, you are showing others that you are considerate and respectful of them and their feelings. You are also setting an example that others should follow. Treat people the way that you want to be treated. By showing respect, you will be given respect.

kindness and common courtesy come from having good manners. If you want to set your child up for success, which I think you do, then teach them these simple manners. Good manners are always important especially if you want to go far in life.

Please! and Thank you!

Obviously these are the manners that everyone knows. You may be surprised to see how many people don’t actually use them. To be polite, “please” should always be used when asking someone of something. “Thank you” is a way to show gratitude when someone has done something for you. These are very simple manners and should be taught to children at a very young age.

Hello! and Goodbye!

Saying hello is the polite way to greet people. When answering the phone we always answer with “hello”. If someone comes to your house you should always stop what you are doing and say “hello”. “Goodbye” is the polite way to let someone know that you are leaving or hanging up. Always say “goodbye” rather than making people wonder where you are.

Excuse me!

This one is a pet peeve of mine! If you are going to squeeze pass someone, say “excuse me”rather than pushing past or bumping into them. This is called common courtesy! “Excuse me” is also very important to teach children as a polite way to interrupt. Interrupting should only be done when it is something important or an emergency. Of course to a child everything seems important and can’t wait but, at least if they say “excuse me” it won’t seem so bad.

Table Manners

You probably remember the days when your mom would tell you “don’t talk with your mouth full”. Table manners are still very important even today. After all we are not raising animals in a barn! Simple rules such as chew with your mouth closed, no elbows on the table, and use your fork and knife are important rules that our child should know. Children should always remain seated until they are finished eating, especially at a restaurant. By doing so you are teaching them to be courteous to the people that are still eating.

Put The Phone Down!

This is a hard manner to teach especially in today’s world. It seems that both kids and adults have a hard time grasping this rule. First of all, it’s never polite to use your phone while eating a meal with others. Phones should be put away during meal time and while you have visitors. Its a way to make people feel like you have their full attention. If someone is talking to you put the phone or tablet down and look them in the eye to let them know that you are listening.

Be A Good Listener

The polite thing to do when someone asks you a question is to give them an answer. Teach your children to pay attention if someone is talking to them and to never interrupt until they are done speaking. When someone is speaking to you always make eye contact. That means look away from the TV and your phone!

Show Gratitude

Showing gratitude is not just about saying thank you, but also about showing others that you are appreciative of them or what they have done. When someone gives you something like a gift or a compliment, always respond with a “thank you”. Kids may be given something that they don’t like and it can be hard for them to say “thank you”. Remind them that by showing gratitude they won’t hurt that person’s feelings.

No Name Calling

This is an important manner that every child should be taught. Name calling is never OK even if it’s a joke. Teach your child that their words can have a huge impact on someone else. Name calling can hurt other people’s feelings and hurting other people’s feelings in not acceptable. Name calling is where bullying begins. It is our job as the parent to make sure that our child never becomes that bully.

Keep Your Comments To Yourself

You may remember the line from the movie Bambi, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”. This is still a good lesson today to teach our children. You don’t have to like everyone and everything, but you shouldn’t be rude. If you don’t like something then it’s best not to say anything. Intentionally hurting someone’s feelings should never be OK.

All of these manners may seem like a lot to take in. Remember that our children lead by our example. We have to practice what we preach. Don’t just tell your kids about good manners, show them what having good manners looks like. Our world will be a much happier place!

Which manners are important to you? 

how to teach children manners in a rude world
what kind of children are you raising


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6 thoughts on “Teaching Children Manners In A Rude World”

  1. So happy you wrote this. We need this today and I 💜 how straight forward you were with this topic. This is nothing we should take lightly. This is extremely important and it takes all of us to work together to spread kindness one household at a time thanks!

  2. Love this. Teaching kids to treat others as they want to be treated is so important. I also liked the importance go listening and having gratitude. If you can teach kids to be grateful and say please and thank you, they will have much better lives. Thanks for writing this.

  3. Manners are so very important to teach our children and it all starts at home. As a teacher, I found myself teaching my elementary students manners all the time. Children really do need to be taught and reminded over and over again.

  4. This is awesome article ! I agree that our children are the adults of tomorrow and my job is to parent my kids and set the example. Manners just aren’t table manners, I get kinda disguised by people’s manners these days. I don’t know their upbringing, but I can say I’m doing my best with my kids. I’m what my daughter would say a “strict” mom about manners lol My mom was with me and I’m very grateful!

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