Where to make “Mom” friends

Where do I make “mom” friends? This is a question I have often thought about. Mommy life can get a little lonely when all you have is your toddler to talk to while your husband is at work. If you are an introvert like me than making friends has probably been a challenge your entire life. Making “mom” friends can be even more of a challenge.

Sometimes friends fall out of touch and enter different stages of life at different times. Its hard to stay connected to people that you no longer have things in common with. I know this has been the case for me many times throughout my life. I don’t think moving around a lot and going into a fashion career where no one had kids helped me much either.

Important things I consider when I’m looking for “mom” friends is to find other like-minded moms. Moms that hold the same sort of values and parenting techniques that I do. If our kids are close in age or play really well together then it’s an added bonus. My qualifications for friends are probably totally different now that I am a mom.

Why is it important to have “mom” friends? I truly believe that having other moms as friends is essential. As a mom we really need people to lean on. People that know what we are going through. Having other moms to talk to about anything mommy related can be such a relief. Sometimes you need advice or someone to just vent to. The mom struggles are real! Its important to have people you can talk to.

This list that I put together are some really great ways to meet other moms. Becoming friends on the other hand is totally up to you! If you see a mom that seems interesting or friendly strike up a conversation. If you hit it off and your kids do too then exchange numbers. Setting up a playdate is a great way to really get to know each other. For some helpful tips on hosting a playdate check out my post http://www.lilposies.com/hosting-a-successful-playdate/ .

Parent Education Class

Most adult schools offer parent education classes. This class can also be referred to as a mommy and me preschool class. It is Basically a preschool class that you attend with your child. It includes crafts, story-time, music, playtime and parent discussion time. Check out your local adult schools for the class information and pricing. This is a really good way to meet other moms in your area.

Library Story-Time

Public Libraries often have free story-time for children and toddlers. This is a great place to connect with other moms. The kids really enjoy it too. Some libraries have a kids play area or offer a craft. Afterwards you can let the kids play and hopefully make some friends. Check out your local public library for their story-time and events schedule.

Mommy Meet-Up Groups

Look for mommy meet-up groups in your area. Mommy meet-up groups get together with their kids and go to the park or have playdates and go on little adventures. Its a great way to meet other moms and keep your kids busy. Some good resources for finding mom meet-up groups in your area are http://hellomamas.com/ and https://www.meetup.com/topics/moms/ .

Local Park

Take your kids to your local park. If you go to the same park often enough you may start to recognize some familiar faces. This is a good way to meet other moms that live nearby. It is also a good way to tire your kids out! Get into a routine of going to the park and you will for sure meet other moms.

Sports Activities

Sign your kids up for a sport such as gymnastics, dance, soccer or baseball. Your local Parks and Recreation is a great place to find sports activities for your kids. You will see the same moms every week so you can easily make friends with some of them. Your kids will probably be the same age or gender so you really can’t go wrong.

Gymboree Class

Check online to see if there is Gymboree class in your area. Gymboree classes are especially good for babies and toddlers. They do music and play-time. Kids really seem to enjoy it and its another great place to connect with other moms. Gymboree offers one free class to check it out before you sign up. That way you can make sure you and your little one like it. Go to their website to check out their class schedules.

I hope this list has been helpful to you. Now go out there and make some “Mom” friends! You will feel so much happier when you do. If you have any other great suggestions on where to meet other moms I’d love to hear about it. Post it in the comments! For more helpful reads check out some of my other blog posts.

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